Friday, July 22, 2011

Mango Smoothie

We have a cooking show up here - Best Recipes, that plays every day. The host is pretty annoying - WAY WAY to perky for me... but she has some really great recipes sometimes.

I've never tried a mango before (other than in a cooler), but saw her make this smoothie the other day and went mango shopping. It's really really good!!


2 mangoes
1 bananas
1 cup milk
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 cup ice cubes

Peel mangoes and cut into cubes; place in blender. Peel banana and break into chunks; add to blender. Add milk, yogurt and ice; blend until smooth.

I do 1/2 a recipe - since I'm the only one who likes smoothies. I would suggest that you blend the mango first quite well so the smoothie doesn't have quite as much pulp - unless you like pulp.

Going to try it with Strawberries instead of the mango - that would be really yummy too!


  1. That sounds very yummy, I love mangoes, and so does the bf, so this would be a big hit over here!

  2. I love mangoes, but unfortunately am allergic to them! I'd have to switch the fruit, but I bet it'd be just as yummy!

  3. I just can't do the mango thing. Too fragrant for me...But I have been making smoothies every morning with vitamins and bananas and strawberries/blueberries and almond milk. I have to agree with you, they are awesome!

  4. That sounds AMAZING in this heat! What a perfect summer treat. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. I've never had a mango but it sounds good. I just made a strawberry banana smoothie the other day.

  6. omg - i love mango and that recipe is too easy not to try it. Thanks!


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