Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm still alive :)

This week has been a zoo!
Trying to catch up on so many things. It finally rained this morning! WE HAVE PUDDLES! It's so dry here that the puddles will be gone in no time. My garden took a beating this morning with the thunderstorm - way to much wind, but I think the corn will survive!

Have you ever crocheted with t-shirt yarn? I've purchased a bunch of colors and I'm going to crochet a rug for my kitchen.

Now all I have to decide is what order to do the colors!

I've also been busy crocheting for charity - have another box full ready to go :) The rolls are a hat and scarf set. There are also 2 afghans under all the scarf sets.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!! Can you believe it's August already?


  1. Good to know u are still

    Hope your garden is ok...

    I love the tee shirt yarn, I used it before, its nice, I made some great bar soap holders out of it.

    That is great about making stuff for charity, I have done stuff like that, I also like to give my blankets away to different people that I feel the Lord is calling me to give them one for their baby...its a good feeling :)

    Have a great day

  2. I've never actually purchased t-shirt yarn, but I've made my own from old t-shirts. They make really great rugs! But I make mine in thick strips, so it knits up really bulky.

  3. Good to hear from you! Glad to hear you're busy!

  4. Hey--I hear you. I've been so busy, too (my blog has gone without posts for a few weeks). LOL. Beautiful yarn, by the way.

  5. I am not so crafty.....I love your blog, I would love to be more handy and to have more spare time, but my two girls are taking all my time...

  6. over here in Ireland it rains almost every day, summer wasn't as nice as I would like to :)
    I wish I new how to crochet, maybe one day I will learn!

  7. I love the colors of the t-shirt yarn, and how sweet that you've been crafting for charity! Someone will be so thankful to have your gorgeous handmade sets. :-)


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