Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What a busy Month!!

Why are they called summer HOLIDAYS?
August was crazy busy for me.

* Canning:
17 quart jars of sweet cucumber relish
82 quart jars and 2 half gallon jars of apple sauce
cut apples for the freezer

* Mowing grass - takes between 3.5 and 4 hours to mow everything, though since we haven't had any substantial rains since June - I don't think I'll have to mow for a while now.

* Just doing everything else that needs to be done around the yard and house.

Did get some crocheting done in the evenings as hubby and I bond while watching TV :)
Found these really cute ornaments to crochet:

Put one set in my Etsy shop and I'm going to also do them for the kids on my school bus this year. They don't take very long to make, can easily do a few in the evening.

Hopefully now I will have a little time each day to start painting some Christmas ornaments. Yes - it's time to start thinking about Christmas :) I'm almost 1/2 done my shopping! Hubby will be the hardest one to buy for... he really needs to start making a "wish list".

Hope everyone has had a wonderful and RELAXING summer holidays :)
Going to start blogging on a regular basis again - I hope...


  1. Wow, Audrey! The canning alone sounds exhausting. By the way, please send me some of that sweet cucumber relish. LOL

  2. I agree, August has been crazy busy!
    So ready for fall. Wish we had food to can.
    The high temps so earlier this year did not make the plants happy!

  3. Your ornaments would be so cute filled in as coasters too. Easy to keep clean as well.

    I agree the summer time is so filled with just so much to do and it's so blazing hot!

    I'm glad to see someone else is working on Christmas already! I just finished and listed a new Christmas print and almost hesitated...Was I the only one? Is it too soon? I guess not!

  4. Hey Audrey, I've missed your blogging!

    I can see you've been super busy, but at least you're well stocked for fall & winter!

    Those ornaments are too cute!

  5. Wow You have been super busy! I have to do some canning of my own tonight. Way too many tomatoes :)

  6. wow, you have been busy. Love the ornaments. Hope things slow down for you

  7. Oh goodness it has been nothing but stress here I CANNOT wait until Tuesday to have some small nubbin of my sanity left!!! XOXO


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