Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

Is it Wednesday Already?!! Feels like I just did a Wish List post a couple of days ago!!

Before we get to my lists - could you please check out the new Etsy Mini's on the sidebars. There are some amazing shops this month!!

I finally got all my swap items mailed and wouldn't you knowit - I joined two more: Secret Santa & a Bead Swap. I found a Stocking Swap too, can sign up until the 30th. Will have to see if I can come up with a stocking. Hmmmmm.

So I decided to show you two wish lists this week. Thought it might be hard to come up with a wish list per week - I was wrong :) At the rate I'm finding great items I'd love to have, my last Wish List post before Christmas might have 10 lists! Hopefully not! I'll try and contain myself & my wishes.

So without further rambling I present to you my next favorite 18 items, you might notice a theme in one list.



  1. your wish list is amazing, thans for including my snowman tags, they are a big hit this year :)

  2. What a fun wish list and great idea for a blog post! Thanks so much for including my swirly wheat wristlet!

  3. Those are really great picks! I'm definitely getting some holiday gift ideas!! Thanks!

  4. Can you imagine if we got all the things we wanted from etsy!?! We'd have to all build on to our houses just to have it inside!

  5. Thanks for including one of my bowls! Hopefully some of your wishes come true...

  6. Oh, so beautiful. You have a wonderful selection. Thank you for including my hoop earrings. Your blog is so amazing.

  7. Woo! I love that pinch pot - just gorgeous!!

  8. Someone is feeling a little festive! I'd love to see what kinds of decorations you put up during holidays! Bet you do a great job of it :) About the sidebar, I love Ocasiocasa! Dale is so sweet.


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