Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shop Swap & Blog Part 2

Package #2 in the Shop Swap & Blog also came on Monday! Told you if felt like Christmas then!! This package comes from Canada! Let's learn all about Dawn and her wonderful shop!

A bit about yourself :
I am a wife and mother of one very busy 4 year old boy. I am an Office Administrator by day and fiber addict by night! I love to crochet, take pictures and basically keep my hands busy with all kinds of crafts! More personally, I recently finished chemotherapy to treat a pregnancy related cancer called GTD and have been cancer free since June (yaaay). I am currently training to participate in my first half marathon in Toronto in May 2010. I enjoy being active and love mountain biking with my hubby!

What made you start your business:
I have been crocheting since I can remember. I find it very therapeutic and has been a great source of joy during some difficult times. I began by making baby blankets, and had set up shop with the name of Auntie Dawn’s Afghans. I was surprised that my hobby could provide me with some fun money (that I normally use to buy more yarn!!). As I began to add new items to my shop, I decided it was time for my shop to evolve into doe Studio. The name comes from my husband’s nickname for me.

What you plan to accomplish with your business:
My ultimate dream would to appear in the Storque’s “Quit Your Day Job” Feature! I would love to make this a full time endeavor.

What you get most out of having your own business:
I love meeting new people, some of whom are customers, others are mentors and even more are fellow artisans. It’s such a wonderful community to be a part of. I love when a customer receives my items and is genuinely impressed and loves it! I really get a kick out of it!

Your favorite independently owned online shop:
Southern Alchemy Soaps, Candles and Perfumes. Beautiful stuff, I love everything.

Any upcoming shop promotions:
I am currently planning a Christmas Open House in early December, which would be great for getting your holiday shopping done!!

Other places to find Dawn:
Online Shop Address:
Blog Address:
Facebook Fan page:

Now for the package I received from Dawn! It was packed in a brown bubble wrap envelope, this is what I pulled out!

Lovely tissue paper with a raffia bow! On the top was a Postcard with 4 pictures of items in her shop - a really good idea! Another postcard size card with instructions for the care of the item in the package. (thanks so much for that!) And a beautiful picture with a Thank-you on the back.

There were also business cards, and a fridge magnet in the envelope - you can never have to many fridge magnets :)

Wrapped in the white tissue paper was this amazing scarf!! Dawn had emailed before hand to ask what color my winter jacket is. This will be perfect!! Thank-you so much, it's so nice and soft & cozy! Can hardly wait for the snow to fly so I can use it!

Thank-you so much to Dawn for the amazing swap! It was a lot of fun learning about you and your shop. And a huge thank-you to Ladi at Structured Chaos for putting on the Shop Swap & Blog! She did an amazing job of coordinating everyone and I would strongly recommend that everyone join the next one if they can!


  1. I'm having so much fun living vicariously through your swaps :) That's a lovely scarf. Maybe I can start a new trend..."The Swapless Swap"...people can just send me cool stuff. No? Oh well, it sounded good to me! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great multi-item shop! I'm off to check it out now :)

  3. Thanks so much Audrey, for writing such a wonderful post about my shop! I am so glad you like the scarf!! This has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you through Etsy, Blogs and Facebook!!


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