Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Still Swapping!

Last week I received my next ornament in the Christmas Ornament/Decoration Swap. This amazing little basket stocking comes from Baskets by Rose. This ornament is amazing!! How does she do that?! Should tell hubby that a small roundish gold Christmas Present would fit nicely into this ornament! (hint hint) Please check out Rose's shop - she has the most amazing baskets!!

I traded with Candles by Marla. Just got my package this morning. Could not believe the amazing smell that came out of the box when I opened it. The orange candle is "Pumpkin Custard Spice" & the purple one is "Spiced Sugar Plums". They look so pretty and smell so nice, I don't want to use them :) If you love candles - you really need to check out Marla's shop. There are an amazing variety of candles to choose from, all different sizes, shapes and scents! You won't be disappointed - I promise!

Another trade I did was with
Artrageous Clay. I'd been admiring the heart shaped earrings for a while now, then Regina added the snowman earrings to her shop! A couple of weeks ago, I went back to look again and she had the cutest reindeer earrings! It was time to make contact and possibly trade. She was quite willing and now I am the proud owner of 3 pairs of the cutest handmade earrings! Do you think it's to early to wear the reindeer ones?
Have you been trading? If you love trading you should check out this site! I joined it a few weeks ago. They have a Secret Santa exchange that I joined, and a bead swap, fabric swap and I think they were planning a scrap booking paper swap too. It's a wonderful site!

Visit Trade-A-Holics

Have a really great Tuesday!!


  1. Those candles look like they are yummy smelling! I'm going to have to go check out that shop!

  2. You're in a swapping frenzy! I love it! It sure seems to be paying off for you. :)

  3. I am so glad that you like the earrings! Wear them in good health.


  4. Those earrings are too cute! I LOVE the reindeer!

  5. Those reindeer earrings really are too cute! I envy you those candles....I LOVE candles :)

  6. All of those are super cute..the candles are especially pretty

  7. Girl, you are cleaning up!!!!

    Great ornament and candles too

  8. Candles By Marla loved the swap we did. I am so glad you like the candles. I love the banners that we swapped for (can't show pics on my blog as it is a present). I am looking for other Etsy people to trade or swap with. See my new blog and follow me (PLEASE) at


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