Monday, November 22, 2010


*In 4 hours it will be only 30 DAYS until Logan is home!! WOOHOO!! We have been calling him twice a week and I'm "chatting" with him daily on the computer. He is quite home sick, though he really likes his job and really likes the people he works with. They have been taking very good care of him out there :) Makes a mom happy! If you pray - please pray for Logan, that he can make friends his age there. It would make the evenings and weekends not quite as lonely for him. Thanks so much!

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  1. Audrey - it is so hard when our children grow and move out on their own, but it is even harder when distance is involved. I'm sure Logan will do fine, it takes time and patience. But life has a way of happening and it will for him also.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Oh Audrey I feel for ya! He'll be ok and will make friends, it just takes awhile sometimes especially for guys!

  3. Had the same dilemma with my daughter, so I know just what you are going through!! I'm with her right now and it's wonderful! ~karen

  4. I'm sure he will find friends real soon. And have a great time together when he is back!

  5. I'm going to go see my son for Christmas. I miss him so terribly! I hate being so far away from where he's attending college. I'll only get to see him twice a year if I'm lucky. Enjoy your son as I know you will!

  6. Logan will be sad when he has to leave home again. He is probably counting the days until he gets home too!


  7. How exciting to have Logan coming home. Wish my daughter was going to be able to come home for the holidays.

  8. I'm praying for both of you Audrey!! I know how hard it is to make friends in a new place!


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