Sunday, November 30, 2008


Don't you just love weekends!!

Yesterday I put up the tree and wrapped some presents to put under it - so it didn't look so lonely. Had to fight with the lights, and ended up using old clear ones, instead of the colored ones, but at least they work. Many of the decorations I have picked up at the local "Ten Thousand Villages" store. It's an amazing place!! The store is run by the Mennonite Central Committee, who go to third world countries and buy crafts (at their market price) from people trying to support their families and then MCC sells them in North America. They call it "fair trade". My aunt and uncle actually get to go meet some of the crafters sometimes - and have great stories to tell. This is the website for Ten Thousand Villages:

They do a much better job of explaining how it works.
Here is a pic of the tree and some of the ornaments I have bought at the Ten Thousand Villages store. The pictures don't do the ornaments justice - and they have way more selection then I'm showing you.

christmas tree line


  1. Enjoyed a visit through your blog..I'll be back..

  2. Beautiful tree, Audrey! You're ahead of me, nothing wrapped here yet! :)

  3. Will have to go look at the shop, it soudns lovely!


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