Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Tuesday

~ My garden! Well, when everything started coming up it looked awesome!! I had beautiful rows of cucumbers, onions, pumpkins/squash, tomatoes and corn. The neighbor decided to spray his field for broadleaf weeds and ended up killing my cucumbers, really hurting the tomatoes (didn't think they would survive), 1/2 my pumpkins and squash plants were gone and the corn was really hurt.

A few of the cucumber plants survived but not many. I make my own relish and dill pickles, so I need quite a few cucumbers. Last year I didn't get any plants, so this year I really need quite a bit. We went to the green house, picked up some plants, and reseeded a row too. So now I have about 5 different stages of growth in my cucumber rows. Everything from vineing and blooming to just poking out of the ground. Should be interesting. At least they won't all be ready at the same time! LOL

The corn survived beautifully!! 3 nice rows. Should have lots of Corn-on-the-cob this fall!!

There are still a few pumpkin plants and a few butternut squash plants, guess we'll see how many "fruit" we get.

Bought some more onions too. Had one row - which seems to have survived after being sprayed. So now I have 3 shorter rows.

So we bought 12 more tomato plants, and out of the 12 that got sprayed - only one died. Oh dear, we will have a lot of tomatoes.

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~ I joined a lip balm club!! Just received my second lip balm: Lavendar Vanilla. Yummy! The club is through
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~ I'm part of a Recycling Craft Challenge. Everyone was sent a milk jug cap, 3 plastic clip thingies from bread loaves, and a small string of blue beads. We are supposed to make a crafty item incorporating these items. This is what I made:

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  1. So sorry to hear about your garden and the over-spray. I've had that happen, too--it's such a bummer!! But it sound's like you're putting it back together and will have, hopefully, lots of produce!

  2. And I thought our garden was pretty...wow, what a beautiful garden you have.

  3. The garden looks great! :)

  4. What a lovely garden!! Your recycled craft is so cute and lever!

  5. That's terrible about your garden! But you seem to have plowed right on! (p.s. I looked at your blogger profile and just discovered you were a bus driver! cool! You do so many different things.)

  6. Thats horrible about your garden. Did you contact your neighbor? I hope your new one does better.


  7. That was such a shame about part of the garden getting damaged! People should be more careful when spraying their gardens!
    But it's good to see the survivals and the new plants are growing well!
    You can never have too many cucumbers!

  8. Thanks for sharing your garden photos - so sorry it got messed up :( You obviously worked very hard on it!

  9. Your garden is amazing!!! How fun it must be to plant and watch your vegetable grow everyday. I'm so jealous! The closest I can get for now is playing "Farm Town" on Facebook. LOL.

  10. That is too bad about the neighbor spray. It is fantastic that you have that much room to dedicated to your garden. The corn really looks great!

  11. Wow your garden is huge! My husband would be so jealous haha! I will be jealous of all the tomatos, I love to make & give away homemade sauce from reduced fresh tomatos. Glad to hear your neighbor's spraying didn't impact you too greatly!

  12. That is one big garden! You must be in excellent shape with all the weeding :)

  13. I think I would have been really annoyed with the damage that was done to your garden. Your garden looks great. I am envious as I didn't do a garden this year.

  14. Sorry about your lovely garden..at least you were able to replace alot of it.. If you have too many tomatoes pick them while they are green and make chow chow..Yes funny name I know but the best relish there is..I grew up with this (Southern) and much prefer it to any sweet green relish on the market...And of course there is alway fried Green Tomatoes for dinner, lunch or even breakfast...Green Tomatoes also works great in homemade Salsa..you could put up some jars of that if your family likes salsa....

  15. Your garden is a amazing, Audrey! My parents once had property with space for a veggie garden like that...I remember it well, they worked so hard on it, and each year was always exciting to see what would grow and what could be eaten! Your recycle challenge is such fun--love the bold, happy summery colors. You have such a fun blog here with great variety. Happy Days! :o)

  16. Wow, what a shame about your neighbor spraying - I hope the soil is ok after the chemicals and I hope you get many delicious cucumbers for pickles and relish. And I think someone may be busy canning salsas and sauces with all of those tomatoes, lol...

  17. So sorry that everything got hurt, but it looks great! I wish I had that much space for a garden. :)

  18. bummer about the spraying. I'm jealous of all your garden space!! I can eke out 4 tomato plants, 2 pots of peas, and some pepper plants. I planted pumpkin this year for my daughter, but know they will take over the lawn! Can wait to see what you harvest. :-)


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